Fujitsu Rack Mount Kit F2-C S7LV S26361-F2735-L285

Numer katalogowy Nr kat RSFSCA00342,

Kod producenta Kod S26361-F2735-L285

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F2 drop-In rack mounting kit including telescopic rack rails, screw kit and support bracket

Rack Mount Kit (RMK) for server more than 2 height units (U) or max. 50 Kg (F2) with Quick-Release-Lever (QRL). Drop in telesope rails (DI) 781mm long, full extraction 815mm,  with cable management adapter (CMA) for toolless mounting of cable management arms. Vario carrier 2 for mounting in PRIMECENTER and 3rd-party racks. Toolless adjustable rack mounting depth (rack pillar distance) between 559 and 914 mm depth. Pre-adjustment pos. 3 (701-775mm).


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