Monitor z wyższej półki - AOC Q2778VQE



AOC company has in its offer many interesting and eye-catching monitors that will fill the space on our desk in a good style, doesn't metter if you are a player or the office worker. AOC Q2778VQE certainly belongs to such monitors. On its front, of course, we can see a 27-inch TN matrix with a maximum resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels (WQHD). It is a matte panel framed with a glossy plastic of a rather high quality. Under the display there is a silver, elegant manufacturer's logo. The whole structure rests on a nice, stable stand. This one was made of equally good materials, we will see silver elements here which, combined with black, give us a really elegant device that will look nice on our desk. 

The back of the monitor is quite standard, we will not find anything there that we could not expect. At the back, in the upper part is the larger manufacturer's logo, under it a narrow grille at the air outlet. A bit lower is the set of ports, the choice of which is quite wide. We find there ports from DisplayPort via HDMI and DVI to the already-D-Sub. The buttons for activating and navigating the monitor menu can be found on the bottom edge in the right car. They are quite small and not very visible which is their advantage. At the same time, their service did not cause too many problems. The screen itself can be adjusted only in terms of its inclination, there was no change in its height, which for some may be a bigger minus. As for the quality of the materials used to create the AOC Q2778VQE, we can safely say that the creator did not give the body in this matter.

 The structure is stable, nothing cracks and everything fits together and goes together. As we can see the Q2778VQE AOC monitor in terms of appearance and quality of performance did quite well, the only downside we were able to see was the lack of screen height adjustment.

Quality of the picture, its technical data, viewing angles 

Let's start with more technical matters. As we know, this monitor has been equipped with an image refresh at a fairly low level of 60Hz. This makes playing on it less comfortable than what our monitors are mainly targeting for players. This is especially noticeable when there is a lot going on in the monitor, our reaction may be slightly affected by the low level of refreshment. It might seem that the response time of 1 ms in this case should reduce this, but the refresh rate is equally important. The demanding player should find something different for himself. 

Graphic designer and person involved in film editing, photo processing or operating in multiple windows at once with AOC Q2778VQE should be satisfied one hundred percent. All thanks to the high resolution that this monitor guarantees. Thanks to it, working on several documents is much more convenient, the same applies to photo editing and film editing. Browsing the Internet is also nice in the company of this device. Such possibilities will make us able to work comfortably using one monitor, thanks to which there will be more space on our desk. The color reproduction in this monitor is really good, the colors are vivid and full of depth the same applies to the contrast. 

When it comes to viewing angles, we do not have anything to complain about in this matter, the image viewed even from a large angle, of course, loses on quality, but not as much as it is in other similar monitors. In addition, the creators of AOC Q2778VQE talk about a number of functions and technologies that are to improve the operation of the device, and thus increase the convenience of its use. In addition, we can use the energy saving mode, which brings about a significant reduction in the brightness of the screen, and reduce other aesthetic values such as contrast color reproduction.

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  • Interfejs: USB

  • Liczba przycisków: 12

  • Platforma: PC, PlayStation 3

  • Połączenie: Przewodowe

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